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Ventico Motocycles
Scooters 50cc
Scooters +50cc/250cc

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Ventico® Motocyles is the range of Ventico® trademark that offers several transmission solutions for motorised light vehicles.

Power belts, transmission kits, ATVs belt tracks – Ventico is pleased to present you in detail its professional offer. Lets discover it, or look again!

Please choose the vehicle type you would like to learn more about :

Mopeds Mopeds : Power belts and variator kits, Ventico® offers a wide range of transmission solutions to give back all the power of your moped.
Scooters 50cc Scooters 50cc : Furioso power belts and variator kits for scooters 50cc guarantee a transmission of superior quality, so that everyone can drive however and wherever he wants.
Scooters +50cc/250cc Scooters +50cc / 250cc : Furioso power belts for scooters +50cc / 250cc guarantee a transmission of superior quality, so that the whole power is given back.
ATVs ATVs : Power belts, variator kits, ATVs belt tracks – Furioso transmission for ATVs is high performance so that it resituates the whole power of the motor. Let’s have free fun!
Minicars Minicars : Ventico® power belts for minicars optimise the yield return of transmission, so that everyone drives freely.

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