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Power belts

The offer of Ventico® covers all the mopeds brands. Ventico® power belts have been designed within a complete range to answer efficiently the needs of every driving behaviour.

Ventico® offers a solution to each need, from a standard use to an intensive one:
- Classic wrapped
- Cogged wrapped
- GTX cogged raw edge
- superior quality : GT smooth raw edge

Variator kits
[How to install my Ventico® Kit ?]

To eliminate sliding and to get back the whole capacity of the motor, Ventico offers a complete transmission solution for mopeds: Ventico® kit.
It fits our belt references D24 KIT, A48 KIT and A50 KIT.
Ventico kit is composed of a « special kit » Ventico power belt (cogged wrapped, reinforced rubber and cord) and a plate made of plastic (D24 KIT) or of aluminium (all references).
Ventico variator kit was originally designed to fit Peugeot 103 models. Today, it has been developed to fit a large range of mopeds.

Ventico kits fit as first mounting or as adaptable parts. The power belts of the kit are also available individually.

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