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Power belts

Furioso is the exclusive label Ventico®, trademark. It concerns temperature resistant transmission solutions.
Furioso power belts for ATVs have been developed to meet the specific needs of ATVs technology. Especially, they optimise the restitution of the motor power regarding its technical constraints.

Furioso power belts are composed of a high quality rubber, which has been developed through a long and careful research. This rubber aims at facing overheating problems that can cause classical power belt failure. Furioso power belts keep the carter temperature at a low level (75°C max) even in very hard working conditions. The rubber of Furioso power belts guarantees a better grip and a longer life.

Furioso is a sign of superior quality: it resists efficiently to overheating and presents remarkable technical capacity.

Variator kits
[How to install my Turbo Start ATVs Kit ?]

To get an optimal transmission, Ventico has developed a complete solution for ATVs : The Furioso « Turbo Start » kit . It is composed of a variator and a temperature stability power belt especially designed for ATVs. Furioso « Turbo Start » kit aims at increasing ATVs’ performance in any situation, even at starting and during sinking situations.

Easy to adapt, Furioso « Turbo Start » kits fit several models as first mounting or as adaptable parts. The power belts of the kit are also available individually.

Belt tracks

Ventico has developed a new belt track especially designed for 6-wheel ATVs
Our belt tracks are distributed through the label Furioso and equip all the 6-wheels ATVs of the market. They fit also 4-wheel tows.
Made in one piece, Furioso belt tracks are composed of a non extensible rubber. They are the sign of a very efficient transmission.

Furioso belt tracks are available with several kinds of supports so that they allow any move without any constraints:
- Snow, mud, ice: to move free in every situation.
- Lawn, cultivations: to respect the fragility of delicate grounds.

3 kinds of supports :
- sweet crampons (standard)
- diamond picks (ice, black ice, …)
- crampons for snow

To get more information about Furioso belt tracks... (.doc).
Track estimation calculation (.xls).

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